Quality leather goods have been at the heart of Roots since its inception in 1973. While the company started by making leather shoes, Roots now makes leather jackets, handbags, luggage and accessories.

All Roots Genuine Leather products are created and hand-made from fine Italian leather at the company’s state-of-the-art leather factory in Toronto, which has always been operated by the Kowalewski family. The Kowalewskis have been working with leather for several generations.

Roots designers pay close attention to the details of each bag. They focus on the zippers and buckles, and the colours, textures and durability of the leather. This focus allows Roots to guarantee the quality of its leather goods.

The Roots Leather Department works with a wide range of fine leathers from the best tanneries in Italy. A popular collection of products is made from Tribe Leather, which is exclusive to Roots. Manufactured with expert Italian craftsmanship, Tribe Leather becomes softer with age. It’s hand rubbed to give it a distinct vintage look. Classics like the Banff Bag, perfect for a weekend getaway, and the Village Bag, a popular Flat Bag, are available in Tribe Leather, along with other Roots bags.

Classic Prince Leather is another premium Italian leather used to make a wide variety of Roots leather goods. Pebbled for a buttery soft feel, Prince Leather becomes softer and richer in colour with age. It’s naturally water resistant, making it a popular choice.

Roots pays special attention to the details put into its leather products, ranging from traditional bags to the latest styles from the fashion capitals of the world. Check out Roots Leather Goods to view the latest collections.