Helping is an essential part of who we are
Social responsibility is an important aspect of Roots. It’s one of the core values that have governed the company since it began in 1973. As such, we have always believed in contributing to the communities where we live and work. Roots is committed to doing its part in supporting positive, meaningful initiatives that address environmental and social issues, especially in Canada.

Q: How does Roots make a difference?
In many ways, Roots has supported a variety of projects, organizations, and individuals in local communities and on a global level. We know that we alone can’t change the world but we do believe we can – and should – make a difference in trying to make it a better place.

Q: How does Roots provide support?
We offer assistance through financial contributions, sponsorship, or donating products in support of selected causes and other worthy initiatives. In addition, when possible, we also promote selected community-related or environmental campaigns in our stores.

Q: What types of projects does Roots support?
Each year, Roots assists dozens of groups and individuals with causes that vary in nature. Generally, we give priority to helping disadvantaged children and environmental work, but we also support other types of projects. Over the years, Roots has helped countless initiatives relating to education, the environment, health, the arts, sports, and individual athletes and activists.

Q: Is Roots a leader in environmental protection?
Very much so. Roots is a strong supporter of environmental activism, both in the local community and on the international level, in partnership with existing organizations. Closer to home, in our own business, we have specific policies aimed at, where possible, using eco-friendly materials, promoting recycling, and reducing waste and packaging. Roots is also increasingly making sustainable products. We were one of the first brands in Canada to use sustainable cotton alternatives, such as bamboo and hemp, in our clothing. For more information, see The Greening of Roots.

Q: What child-related causes has Roots been involved with?
Roots contributes to organizations that provide programs for children with various needs with the intention of improving their lives. Locally, we’ve assisted special programs at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada, while internationally we’ve supported World Vision, which is dedicated to helping children and families overseas that live in dire poverty. View the complete list of initiatives that Roots has sponsored.

Q: How does Roots decide who to sponsor?
There’s no shortage of worthy organizations to help. In an average month, Roots receives 50-75 queries asking for assistance. We wish we could say yes to all of them, but unfortunately we don’t have unlimited resources. As a result, we have to be selective. Generally, as noted earlier, we support first and foremost disadvantaged children and environmental work. (In most cases, only non-profit organizations qualify for monetary donations.)

Q: How do I apply for sponsorship?
Visit and complete our Contact Us form.

Alternatively, you may address all correspondence to or to Roots, Sponsorship Requests, 1400 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada M6B 4C4. Please allow a response time of three to four weeks. We ask that you do not call the Roots Head Office regarding the status of your request, as we will respond in writing.

Q: How does Roots make a difference through its products?
We also provide community support through our merchandise. Roots has created and sold various products that benefit causes, both locally and internationally, such as bracelets that raised money for the Stop Global Warming Fund and the Make Poverty History campaign. We’ve also been involved with similar initiatives to raise funds for tsunami victims in Asia and hurricane victims in the Caribbean. We are a long time supporter of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer as well as the Flick Off environmental initiative, creating custom-designed products to raise funds for both causes.