November 17, 2009
Canadian music legend is the voice of new marketing effort aimed at raising funds for humanitarian organization through sales of the Canada Collection By Roots

(TORONTO) – Marking the start of the holiday season, Roots and MasterCard are launching a major new national media campaign today in support of Right To Play, the international organization that improves the lives of disadvantaged children through sport and play.

In a series of four radio ads that will begin airing on Monday, Nov. 16, Canadian music icon Robbie Robertson introduces the Roots MasterCard project with the Canada Collection By Roots that will raise funds for Right To Play's work in 23 countries with 700,000 children. Robertson, a longtime friend of Roots, donated his time and talent to the campaign in solidarity with Right To Play.

Roots and MasterCard felt Robertson was the perfect voice for the campaign, exemplifying the spirit and compassion of Canadians. The ads emphasize the objectives of Right To Play, which is based in Toronto, and also highlights the fact that most of the merchandise that will be generating support for the organization is made in Canada.

Accompanying Robertson's narration is original music created specially to underscore the international nature of Right To Play. It was designed to support the embracing and distinctive voice of Robertson, a highly respected singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer best known as the former leader of the legendary rock group, The Band.

The radio campaign will air on stations aimed at the 18-49 demographic in most major markets in Canada, reaching millions of people. It will compliment other promotional efforts that Roots and MasterCard are rolling out this month for Right To Play on television, in newspapers, on the internet and in-store signage.

"We are taking a holistic approach to getting the word out about Right To Play and the Canada Collection by Roots," says Roots Co-Founder Don Green, who was intrinsically involved in the campaign. "That's why we're using radio along with TV, newspapers and the internet. We know radio is popular in Canada and believe it offers a great audience for this initiative. By bringing in our longtime friend Robbie Robertson, we have one of the best possible voices to represent Roots, MasterCard and Right To Play. We believe his voice coupled with the original music we created will help make this message resonate strongly with people who will relate to the important work of Right To Play."

As the tagline in each radio ad says, "...Roots and MasterCard in support of Right To Play...It just fits."

Shortly a video of Robertson recording the radio campaign will be posted on the Roots website along with a copy of all four radio spots and the TV commercial.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Sarner
Director of Communication and Public Affairs
Roots Canada
Tel: 416.781.35.74, ext. 4280