Roots pays tribute to environmental work of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Thursday, 31 May 2007

TORONTO - In recognition of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's environmental leadership, Roots Canada saluted the former film start during his current trade mission trip to Canada. Since taking office in 2003, Mr. Schwarzenegger has enacted some of the most progressive environmental policies in the world, especially on the issue of lowering greenhouse gases.

It was largely due to his environmental work that the Economic Club of Toronto presented the Governor with its 2007 Newsmaker of the Year Award before 1,300 people at a luncheon today. "My view is that humanity is smart and nature is amazingly regenerative," Mr. Schwarzenegger told the crowd. "When a forest burns, the seeds of its renewal are still there. When it comes to global climate change, those seeds are within us. I believe we can renew the climate of this planet."

On his first evening in Toronto, Roots Co-Founder Michael Budman presented Mr. Schwarzenegger with a specially made Roots genuine leather bag, tanned in an eco-friendly process (vegetable tanned). Mr. Budman commended the Governor, who is a longtime friend of Roots, for his political courage and conviction in making the environment such a high priority of his administration.

"It's great to see the way Toronto has welcomed Arnold during his visit," says Michael, who first met the Governor in the 1980s. "He's justifiably received a lot of praise for both his environmental vision and the action he's taken to back up his words. We respect and obviously support him in his drive to tackle the problem of global warming. We believe his message of 'active optimism' is much needed in dealing with the environmental challenges the world faces today."

This Saturday, as part of its weekly ad in the National Post on the back cover of its Toronto magazine, Roots salutes Mr. Schwarzenegger for his environmental leadership and congratulates him for his latest award.

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