Roots opens flagship store in Beijing
Tuesday, 25 September 2007
BEIJING – Roots Co-Founders Michael Budman and Don Green today took part in the official inauguration of the company’s leading store in the Chinese capital. The grand opening at Seasons Place, a new mall on the city’s west side, included a spirited performance by Chinese dancers, a demonstration by a yoga master and environmental discussions.

Michael and Don both addressed the crowd, expressing their appreciation for the opportunity of expanding Roots to China and how much they’ve enjoyed working with their Asian partners Li and Fung/Branded Lifestyle. They said that opening of the Beijing store was an important milestone in the evolution of Roots. They also spoke of the importance of the environment, health and wellness and how they have been part of the core values of Roots since its inception.

Canadian diplomats were among the guests at the event. “It’s really great that we finally have a Canadian brand on the streets of Beijing and China,” said Ken Lewis, a senior trade commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, who spoke with reporters. “Canada is never known very much here as a consumer products country. But I think Roots will be the first of many.

The Beijing launch is part of the current development of Roots in Asia where the company now has stores in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. In total, Roots has 44 locations on the continent with the total expect to grow to nearly 200 by 2010.

At the opening, reflecting its environmental commitment, the store today gave a cheque of $5,000 to a Chinese ecological group to help it plant trees in northern China to fight the sandstorms that affect Beijing every year. Roots also gave away reusable stainless-steel chopsticks to save trees cut down for the making of disposable chopsticks made from wood.



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